MALASAGA TRADING CORPORATION is known for its “world-class precision engineering, cost efficiency, on-time delivery, and round-the-clock service.”


MTC prides itself of the best Filipino engineers and technicians serving the wide-ranging metal fabrication needs of industrial and manufacturing companies in the country and in the world.


Through the years, the MALASAGA TRADING CORPORATION has built a solid reputation as a reliable Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), as well as supplier of imported industrial parts and tools.


Although Malasaga Trading was formally registered as a corporation only in November 2006, it traces its roots way back 20 years ago when the company was first registered as a single proprietorship with the Department of Trade and Industry.


The company goes beyond trading machineries and equipment for industrial use, industrial supplies, spare parts of motorcycle and accessories. It has also expanded its business to assembly, manufacturing and fabrication.


It has engaged into all kinds of contracts for the export, import, purchase, acquisition, sale at wholesale or retail, other disposition for its own account or in representative capacity as manufacturer’s representative, merchandise broker, indentor, commission agents, upon consignment of all kinds of goods, wares, merchandise or products whether natural or artificial.

Engr. Eduardo R. Malasaga


The Founder


 Engr. Eduardo R. Malasaga is a BS Mechanical Engineering graduate. He is vastly experienced and is an expert in the metal fabrication and trading business. His interest and experience in machines started in 1960 when his  father, Mr. Quirico R. Malasaga acquired rice and corn milling equipment. Then in 1986, he started marketing  motorcycle parts and eventually ventured into the manufacturing of locally made spare parts.  After  five years, he saw the need to embark on upgraded equipment for faster and better output using the Numerically Controlled Machine, which led to the establishment of MALASAGA TRADING CORPORATION.


Pursuit of sustainable growth and market leadership are his goals. His strong future  orientation and willingness to make long-term commitments to key stakeholders, particularly the customers, including the community, are admired in the industry.

Company Continuity and Sustainability


To prepare successfully for MALASAGA TRADING CORPORATION’s future and ensure continuity and sustainable organization, members of the family, as well as competent senior engineers are included in the structure of the corporation’s effective leadership system. The aim is to ensure a safe and secure environment for its customers, workforce and other stakeholders.

Engr. Edward P. Malasaga


Engr. Edward guides and directs all functions of the company in all operational, administrative and financial activities in order to promote the objectives set by the company, and ensuring the attainment and fulfilment of the company mission and vision.


He is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and is currently pursuing his Masters in      Business Administration to further learning growth.

Atty. Jay P. Malasaga

Administration Manager

Atty. Jay is the Administration Manager. He supervises the corporation’s human resources to ensure timely, efficient and professional administration of relevant policies, procedures, as well as all legal matters.


He was admitted to the Bar in 2016.


Rosalina P. Malasaga

Finance Manager

Ms. Rose ensures that all financial and accounting functions are carried out effectively and safeguards the assets of the company. She is a B.S. in Agricultural Education graduate.

Atty. Joel P. Malasaga

Corporate Secretary

Atty. Joel ensures the integrity of the governance framework, and is responsible for the efficient administration of the  company.. He also ensures that the organization is  complying with statutory and regulatory requirements  as well as  implementing decisions made by the Board of Directors.


He was admitted to the Bar in 2011.

Dr, Airene M. Oloroso

Assistant Finance Manager

Company Physician

Dr. Airene assists in keeping track of the financial and accounting aspects of the company. Dr. Airene also attends to the health needs of the organization’s personnel, with the aim of contributing to building an effective environment for accomplishing the work of the organization and for ensuring supportive work climate.

Alvin Roy P. Malasaga

Management Trainee

Mr. Alvin is currently completing his  degree is B.S. Information Technology, to better prepare him assist in the accomplishment of the company’s vision in the future and in keeping pace with the Digital Age.

Engr. Virgilio R. Leonor

Operations Manager

Engr. Virgilio manages the resources and activities of the plant. He is a licensed Electrical Engineer and is an expert in the creation of 3D drawings using CAD/CAM as well as the operation of CNC Lathe and CNC Milling Machines.

Engr. Reian C. Valencia

PPC and Marketing Manager

Engr. Reian reviews product requirements and engineering specifications, develop test plans, test development and automation. He also makes evaluation plans for potential prospective multinational companies. He is a licensed Mechanical Engineer.

Engr. Vicente C. Econas

Maintenance Engineer

Engr. Vic is a licensed Mechanical Engineer. He ensures that all machines are in good running condition and  maintains the company’s safe working environment. As the PCO, he makes certain that MTC is complying with the requirements of the DENR and the ISO’s Environmental Management System.

Danilo R. Venus

Design Engineer

As the head of the Design Section of the Engineering Department and an expert in using CAD/CAM software, Mr. Danny creates and reviews all MTC drawings, as well as the drawings provided by our customers.

Billy Joel L. Maligat

Administration Officer

Mr. Billy took up Information Technology and is the Network Administrator of MTC. He manages and maintains the computer software and hardware of the company.  He also handles the importation, as well as human resources tasks.

Elisa L. Lanoy

Purchasing Officer

Ms. Elisa ensures that all purchasing functions and controls are carried out effectively. A graduate of Computer Secretarial, she was trained to handle and manage the local purchases of the organization.

Ms. Maricel is a Management Accounting graduate. She ensures that all services rendered by the Operations Department are properly billed, as well as the timely collection of receivables. She also maintains all accounting records of the organization.

Maricel A. Caayohan

Accounting Officer

Workforce Profile


MALASAGA TRADING CORPORATION  develops and assesses the involvement of its personnel, with the aim of enabling and encouraging all members of the organization to contribute to the accomplishment of action plans.


The engineers of MALASAGA TRADING CORPORATION are  constantly in touch with reputable manufacturers of the best     machinery and equipment throughout the world.